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What exactly is it?

The Aukey DR02 is a dual-camera dash cam with a primary camera for front capturing, and a secondary camera for rear-view recording. It captures video together from both cameras in 1080P and has a couple of features.

Hardware Technical specs

The Sony Exmor Sensors in both of those cameras take super highly detailed 1080p video (coupled with optional in-car audio) and function properly for evening driving

Full Six-Lane View: The wide-angle 170 degree front and 152 degree rear fields of view keep an eye on vehicle motions and also other activity in front, behind, and also towards the sides

Emergency Recording & Loop Recording: Emergency Recording records unexpected driving incidents automatically and guards the recordings. Loop Recording allows continuing use by writing over older, needless video footage. Hook up with the AUKEY GM-32 GPS Antenna (sold separately) to add location & speed details for vacation checking and greater safety.

What exactly is in the package?

Dual Dash Cameras (front and rear camera), Dual-Port USB Car Charger, 4m / 13ft USB Mini-B Cable, 6m / 20ft USB Mini-B Cable, Two Sticker Mounts, Six 3M Stickers, Six Cable Clips, User Manual, 45-Day Money Backrefund and 2-Year Product Replacement Warranty Card