BotFactory raises $1.3 million to assist you build PCBs on your desk

Making a PCB is really not difficult however, it requires a while. The backwards and forwards, the bugs, as well as all the shipping rates may transform a little project into a serious problem. That’s the reason why Botfactory raised $1.3 million to stick a Circuit board printer on your desktop.

Established by NYU graduate college students Nicolas Vansnick and Carlos Ospina together with NYU teacher Michael Knox, BotFactory came into being when Vansnick and Ospina were required to construct a PCB for a course project. Virtually every student in the class hit a brick wall simply because they could not get PCB boards manufactured in time and each and every iteration required several weeks to accomplish.

“This lesson was great – if it was a issue which was common for just about any project, then the solution would certainly reinvent how electronics could be prototyped and manufactured,” said Vansnick. “ Before this, everyone had been attempting to microminiaturize electronic devices and chips, however, not the processes which are used to make PCBs.”

Their 1st product, the Squink, shot to popularity. They have presently shipped 106 devices and they are on the right track to ship 12 more. The Squink is undoubtedly a distinct segment product – not every one of us wants pick-and-place (PNP) devices at the workplace – but it’s an awesome beginning for a intriguing project. The system uses conductive ink or solder which enables it to put components correctly on a PCB.

They already have raised $1.3 million from NY Angels as a head investor.

“Eventually our aim is to offer a desktop device which can enable anyone to produce a circuit board off the bat, at a fairly low price,” said Vansnick.

In the past, circuit board manufacturing was comprised of giving a schematic to a manufacturer in Asia after which looking forward to the PCB or single chip to be delivered back. Any bugs in the system require an additional couple weeks to solve and after that one more couple weeks to ship.

By moving forward the whole process to an item of equipment within your office, the guys at BotFactory resolved an enormous time sink. The standard Squink charges $3,199 and higher versions charge as high as $4,499.