Ion Exchange Resin Softener
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CE, UNE 149101
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Water softener LOW CONSUMPTION UP (upflow) models to save water and salt. 16 and 25 litre model.




Volumetric KERAMIS K69A3H or K69D3H with electronic programmer and LED or LCD display, depending on model


– Dimensions:


Models A-500589/ A-500587/ A-400586: 312 X 527 X 1.053 mm

Models A-400510/ A-400585/ A-500588: 312 x 527 x  590 mm


– Price:


Model A-400510: LCD HF UF 16L


100/u: 233,82€
200/u: 210,44€


Model A-400511 (LCD UF 25L)


100/u = 269,10€

200/u = 242,19€

Model A-400585: LED PILOTS HF UF 16L


100/u: 192,20€
200/u: 176,58€

Model A-400586: LED PILOTS UF 25L


100/u: 235,08€
200/u: 211,57€

Model A-500587: LCD UF 38L


100/u: 320,94€
200/u: 288,85€

Model A-500588: LCD WIFI HF UF 16L


100/u: 257,40€
200/u: 231,66€

Model A-500589: LCD WIFI UF 25L


100/u: 296,28€
200/u: 266,65€



In Grupo Corsa we have been involved since 1974 in water treatment at both domestic and industrial levels. At Corsa we manufacture, market, install and perform the maintenance of our products, providing a “customized” solution for each client. We want the best for our customers and, for this reason, we offer the most effective solutions both for domestic water treatment and industrial water treatment. Our water treatment company was founded in 1974 for the installation and maintenance of Fontanilla, one of our household water filters.


The Fontanilla is a water filter that does not require installation and was adapted directly to the tap, providing the consumer with high quality water at a very affordable price. From that first water filter, Fontanilla, Corsa’s products have evolved technologically up to the present. Today we manufacture, market and install several high-tech water purification equipment. One of them is the Osmotic, the most advanced and compact water purification equipment on the market that provides maximum water quality at the best price for drinking and cooking. On the other hand, for the removal of lime from water, in Corsa, you can buy water softeners at the best price, such as the Olympia water softener for domestic use.



At Grupo Corsa, we base our operating policy on the “Quality / Price” concept, which is why, in addition to offering the best services to our customers, we also offer the best prices because we are manufacturers, which suppresses intermediaries and guarantees quality and originality of all our products. In addition to having the best prices for “Individuals”, in Grupo Corsa it manufactures specific professional products designed for the industrial sector and the catering and horeca channel.



Our fame and recognition extends throughout the world, making us a benchmark in the field of water treatment, both for individuals and companies.


We are a great human team that will make things easier for you at all times, from commercials to technicians through our exceptional customer service.




Since its inception, Corsa has always paid special attention to trade fairs, both multisectoral and professional. It is undoubtedly our most traditional means of communication for this reason, we keep intact the dedication and effort to cover as many events as possible. All in order to bring the solutions of our water treatment company where they need us. In this section we will inform you of the fairs and events in which we participate, showing the public the multiple advantages of our water treatments.




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Tlf. 93 208 08 00


Twitter: @grupocorsa