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Wireless Mobile Phone Charger

This project is based on wireless electricity transfer. Simple Device , Easy to made Engineering Project. for more projects log on to


Internet of Things PCB things to consider for Startups

Due to the fact IoT appliances are so new, you would consider that getting an IoT printed circuit board (PCB) project off the ground starts by reinventing the wheel and enduring a massive amount of technical hassle. That is definitely not true.
Nevertheless it doesn’t convey IoT startups have a apparent road to fame. Facing them is a lot of design and manufacturing considerations which are unique to these small products. These considerations have to be evaluated for the fresh IoT product to achieve its purpose.

On the plus side, it’s a consideration for IoT startups to understand that the basic foundation for a successful new product does exist. What this means is experience and knowledge regarding the design, fabrication and assembly of such cutting-edge products are obtainable. Additionally, the most sage advice is for smart IoT product enterprisers and creators to take the recommendation that knowledgeable electronics manufacturing services or EMS companies offer. These corporations along with their engineering employees have already completed the task with revolutionary IoT corporations in Silicon Valley getting into the first stages of this growing market.

The PCB of an IoT device is a distinct beast than the traditional one, which is extensively larger and flat. IoT devices, in contrast, consist largely of either rigid-flex or flex circuit assemblies, which include their very own sets of design layout, fabrication and assembly considerations and nuances.


A primary thing to consider is to seek qualified designers who have performed loads of rigid-flex PCB designs. PCB space for an IoT device is limited. So you would like the designer to have firsthand layout working experience to properly design vital components on that limited space.

As well, virtually all IoT systems are not stationary; they bear substantial movement and twisting. Right here, the qualified designer plays a vital role in determining bend ratios and lifecycle iterations as a important part of a design. Various other vital design layout considerations involve signal trace thickness, number of rigid and flex circuit layers, copper weight and stiffener placement. Stiffeners are widely used on flex circuits to be certain that components attached with the flex circuit remain properly constantly in place to prevent movement.

A new factor is through-hole component positioning in rigid-flex circuits. Why’s that crucial? A lot of IoT appliances are based on surface mount device placement. But nonetheless , there may be through-hole components, which are commonly affixed to either the rigid part or the flex area of the board. Through-hole components are in general employed to communicate input/output or I/O signals to the outer world. Doing this, those signals can be displayed having an LCD or LED monitor. Through-hole component placement is a very important factor in an IoT system mainly because when attached to the flex part of the board, right stiffeners should be designed and put to use for proper assembly.

Finally in the layout category, the high temperature that components generate has to be thought of. IoT systems are more and more difficult with rigid-flex and flex circuits featuring as many as 12 – 14 layers. A few systems are digital. But nonetheless , progressively more analog products are being exercised in IoT products. Analog circuitry stimulates way more heat than digital ones. Therefore heat expansion as well as contraction rate are required to be evaluated. In tech lingo, this is actually generally known as the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion or CTE and the right handling of it.


Finding the right fabricator is a must and is linked to the EMS corporation you’ve chosen. The fabricator you desire has to have IoT PCB fabrication experience. Amongst vital considerations here are making certain reliable adhesions between layers on both rigid and flex circuit sides, realizing all of the important calculations and obtaining a robust comprehension of when current moves from the rigid side to the flex side.

Such fabricators also must possess an in-depth know-how about really tiny parts for instance 0201 and also 00105 device packages, package-on-package, and the use of fine-pitch ball-grid array or BGA packaged devices.

They even ought to have experience with designing boards with truly tight tolerances in terms of footprint for those sorts of BGA devices, in terms of up-to-date capabilities like laser direct imaging for putting the solder mask on the board. They must have laser drills for via drilling with sizes of 5 mils or under mainly because these IoT devices could be so modest that a regular drill size of 5 to 8 mils perhaps may not be all you need. They could require to go to a 3 mil, which means that you will need to have an state-of-the-art laser drilling capability indoors.

In the event that you are placing via-in-pad, it’s really a fantastic way to use the small space that’s available on the rigid-flex board, but it produces problems for assembly. If vias aren’t 100 % planar or flat in shape, it becomes tricky through the assembly of those tiny BGA packaged devices. The reason being that non-planar surfaces can easily put in danger the integrity of solder joints.

At times via in pads leave bumps in cases where they’re not cleaned properly after adding the vias and gold finish on the top. In the event that there are bumps, then the solder joints in the assembly for those tiny BGA balls in those IoT devices may not be a great joint. It may create irregular connections, which might be a greater issue to deal with and resolve. It all boils down to which EMS corporation you are using because they’re the ones who will choose the fabrication facility to make a prosperous IoT device for you.

PCB Assembly

It’s crucial to head over to qualified EMS companies that have effectively assembled IoT and wearable PCBs because they have unique tooling and fixtures readily available, which are needed for assembly to ensure that components are placed perfectly, accurately and the printing is performed in the correct way.

Printing generally is a difficult task for IoT products. If it’s a rigid-flex board, then there is a change between thicknesses of the rigid and flex circuit portions, which means a special fixture is needed to keep the complete rigid-flex board planar or completely flat to get effective printing to be accomplished.

Startups should really be set to opt for the correct manufacturing partners and EMS companies. By doing this they can ensure they’ve adequate experience ahead of time to get the multitude of design, fabrication and assembly details correctly performed because they are key to a victorious and punctual IoT product roll-out.

Bluboo S1 Review – Cheap Bezel Less Phone from China

Xiaomi Mi Mix, and Doogee Mix it’s time for another cheap bez-less phone from China – Bluboo S1 Review. In my Bluboo S1 review you’ll find out just how good affordable Chinese phones without bezel are.

Buy Bluboo S1:

Bluboo S1 Specs:
5.5′ FHD IPS Bezel-less display
Helio P25
4GB RAM and 64GB Storage
Dual Cameras – 13MP Sony IMX214 + 5MP Depth Camera
3500mAh Battery
Android 7 Nougat
USB-C, Gyroscope, Magnetic Sensor


Three Wifi Socket Plug Developers Based in China

Three Wifi Socket Plug Developers Based in China


Shenzhen AvatarControls Co., Ltd. is devoted to Alexa-enabled system and smart voice-control tech R & D, like wifi outlet, and offers reliable smart voice control products and services for smart house.

Set up in September 2015, AvatarControls is a science and technology inventive company dedicated to internet smart electronic’s separate research and development. In the beginning, AvatarControls has a mature R&D team composed of abroad returnees, industrial designers, electronic engineers, software engineers and other staff, and the heart team has over Five-years engineering experience with smart voice semantic domain.

Our team concentrates on IIPR, at this point we have attained lots of practical and advanced invention patents. Assorted devices have been available, which include Alexa voice assistance smart speaker A1, smart devices which utilize Alexa( wifi power outlet, smart light, Aroma humidifier lights et cetera), and additionally separate voice control product series. We try to make cutting-edge smart interaction experience and benefit from hassle-free lifestyle through voice control.

Enterprise vision: Intelligence makes life more simple!

Touch Base with Us

Shenzhen Avatar Controls Co., Limited
Addr.: #1002, Satellite Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China 518000
Contact Tel:+86-755-86966292ext. 818
Business Time:
Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00

Shenzhen Lingan Intelligent Tech Co., Ltd.

Lingan is a High technology firm which is an expert in networking smart electronics (for instance, smart power socket design and developing, smart watch, smart bulb, smart switch, and many others) and engineering. The enterprise has been insisting with the purpose of “Modesty, Low Profile, Proqmatic. Focus” since its founding, founded on an extensive turn-key service system of planning, design, development and marketing sales.

Our production line complies with the ISO9001 Quality Management System for every single project of the product R&D, design, producing technology, and sales etcetera, provide comprehensive services for domestic and overseas users. With the service concept that High-quality product, High-lever service, high reputation at heart, We try to better our services.

We uphold the business viewpoint of “Make life easier”, target creating a large number of smarter, simpler-to-use, portable merchandise. Our merchandise is built to make hundreds of family members more pleasant and contented. To pursue high quality, To help to make our life more convenient, Lingan Intelligent is focused upon working together with you to improve the residing atmosphere and life quality.

Get in Contact with Us

Contact Tel: +86-755-86665085
Email Address:
Fax: 0755-86665085
Postal Code: 518055
Location: Room #1401-2 Baiwang Building, Shahe West Rd, Nanshan Area, Shenzhen City, China

Shenzhen UEMON Technology Co., Limited

UEMON is a high-tech corporation that focuses primarily on smart devices. The enterprise per people-oriented and common profits, long-haul partnership concept, employ a down-to-earth, artistic and reasonable work type to provide our clients a different, chic, easy, intelligent, and risk-free smart home gadgets and system. Keep pace with the times, conform to the surroundings, repeatedly go over, and develop an intercontinental intelligent household products provider firm is the mission of our endeavors!

UEMON started in 2015, the primary products include intelligent cameras, customizable smart wifi plug, intelligent switch, intelligent door locks, smart alarm systems and so forth., Our merchandise have been sold to around the globe with the great quality, cutthroat prices, and fantastic support services, the essential export areas are European Union, North America, the Middle East in addition to The African Continent.

We are going to always keep a professional and specialist mindset, to supply clients with the greatest products or services, customer first, quality first, shipping and delivery first!

Your trust is our consistent commitment, we’re going to grow to be more robust.

Find Us

Shenzhen UEMON Tech Co., Limited

Contact Tel: +86-755-27316354
Telefax: +86-755-27316354
Web site:
Addr.: D315 Huafeng Office, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


S1 Review: BLU’s First CDMA Smartphone!

The S1 is BLU’s first CDMA smartphone. In addition to supporting GSM carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T, the S1 also supports Sprint and Boost Mobile networks. What it does not support is Verizon’s network. For $180 off-contract, the S1 features a 5.2-inch HD display, octa-core processor with 2GB RAM, 13-megapixel main camera, 5-megapixel selfie camera, 2,800mAh battery, fingerprint scanner, and Android 7.0 Nougat. Will this be your next smartphone?

BLU S1 on Amazon:

Check out Beau HD’s personal channel:

Google Plus:


6 Private-Label nRF51822 Bluetooth Module Producers From China

6 Private-Label nRF51822 Bluetooth Module Producers From China

Radioland Technology Co., Ltd,

Founded In the Year 2013, Radioland Tech is a specialist in the design and making of wireless connectivity solutions for example, sub 1GHz, 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi, and so on. these pre-certified RF modules, working in the license free ISM band of 2.4 GHz can be easily built into your application, it helps you to cut short the product development time cycle, cutting down costs for you. We have become one of the leading suppliers for low energy ISM/SRD products in The European countries, The US and Southeast Parts of Asia.

Radioland’s range of products comprises excellent quality, budget friendly and easy-to-integrate RF modules and gadgets for operation in the license-free ISM/SRD frequency bands at 315 / 433 / 868 / 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz. We provide embedded radio transceivers, embedded radio modules, industrial radio modems,wireless metering adapters, wireless USB sticks, wireless bridges, antennas and tailor-made electronic solutions.

Wireless Technologies

Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN, IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee, Wireless M-Bus (OMS), KNX-RF, WiFi/WLAN and proprietary solutions.

Our Goods

nRF52832 Bluetooth LE module, DA14580 module, CC2640 module, Zigbee module, and so forth.


Radioland RF products are utilized in a variety of wire-free applications as an illustration, shipping,wireless (smart) metering, sensor networks, environmental monitoring, access management, medical and furthermore home/office automation.

Our Service:

1, Our expert employees provides previous technical consulting services and support and the review of the project’s potential risk.

2, Cooperated with well known chip manufacturers(based on TI and Nordic chips), getting the leading edge of product info and the latest technology to make available the most benefit of price support.

3, The essential team members are from China and abroad industry expert with rich experience, to provide you with special services of technical challenges in research for customers.

4, Professional R & D staff, has many years’ experience of RF module design and make, obtained a number of critical technological innovations and production testing experience.

5, Allow customization based on the needs of customers, provide design reference solution with various levels , help customers to minimize the time to market.

Connect with Us

Shenzhen Radioland Technology CO.,Limited
Address: 5F, Block A2, ChenTian Hangcheng Industry Zone, XiXiang Town, Bao’an district, Shenzhen, P.R.C
Telphone: 0755-66621530
Facsimile: 0755-27806877
Web site:

Shenzhen Easy Core Tech Co.,Limited

With more than ten-year expertise in Electronic products market, Shenzhen Easy Core Technology Co.,Ltd continues to be dedicated to researching, developing and making premium products with very competing prices for clients from around 80 nations around the world, chiefly U.S., Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Ukraine, Israel, and many others. Quite a few Chinese suppliers benefit from our turn-key PCB Assembly solution to produce their goods.

We have an amazing development and design crew. The products are a lot more consistent with marketplace need. While doing so we can design and create fresh electronic products, per client demands
Our mandate is to aid our buyers to get income and we shall as well reap the benefits of the win-win association relationship.

Be sure to Get a Hold of Us devoid of hesitation if:

1) You happen to be regional wholesaler, you require assorted Electronics to distribute
2) You hold your individual shop and always need latest Consumer electronics
3) You would like to design Electronics for promotions, for your own brand name

All of the workforce are doing work passionately to be your dependable dealer and business partner.

Easy core has years of experience in electronic hardware and embedded software development and design, a total of about 2 ,000 growth and development of product design and application of gadgets. ; at the present time, to provide clients with the advanced concept of mobile app development, smart home system, electronic circuit design, turn-key Printed circuit board design, micro-controller technology, embedded system, smart controller, the scheme of things, cloud services, nRF52832 Bluetooth Smart module, cloud calculation, cloud storage of big data management program design service; from the concept of product development, marketing mode upgrading, product updating, outstanding after-sale support, at least 20 engineers servicing our customers , supplying the perfect technicial service.

Touch Base with Us

Address: Room 21C, Building 6, Minghao Belvedere, Shajing Street, Bao’an Area, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China
Zip Code: 518125
Telphone: 86-755-29653709
Telefax: 86-755-29653709-803

Shenzhen SUMRING Technology Co. Limited

Shenzhen SUMRING Tech Co. Ltd is a high technology corporation specializing in the development and research of burglar alarm and fire alarm products, for instance Passive infrared (PIR) intrusion detector, smoke detectors, gas leakage detector, Carbon Monoxide detectors, fire alert bell/strobe/siren, nRF52832 Bluetooth Smart module, and the like.

Established in Oct. 2000 and with the manufacturing facility covering Seven thousand sqm., we’ve achieved ISO9001 quality control system certification since 2002, and used 20% of revenue into Development and research. Our conventional detectors and fire alert accessories can be connected with other brands of conventional fire alarm GUI particularly Honeywell, System sensor, Siemens, Apollo, Hochiki, etcetera.. It can help our buyers cut down overall cost and further enhance competition, and with our corresponding monthly yield around 1 million pieces, yearly income up to $ 5,500,000.

SUMRING always follows the fad of overseas modern fire alarm system and alarm system development, and has set up long haul collaboration with prominent American producer, seeking to be first rate corporation in fire alarm & home security system arena. High-tech, reliable products and excellent support and help are our assurance to the purchasers. Our merchandise is vastly traded to The United States, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Africa, South-east Asia, as well as the Middle East. We look forward to turning out to be your longterm partner!

Touch Us

Shenzhen Sumring Tech Co., Limited
No.5 Building, Lijingyuan Industrial Area, Jinhua Road, Bantian, Shenzhen, China
Telephone Number: + 86 -755 89571625
Fax: + 86 -755 89571207

Fn-link Technology LIMITED

Fn-link Technology LIMITED, started in 2008, with workplace located in Shenzhen China, and the manufacturing plant positioned in Changsha , China(covering an area of 36,000 square meters) is one of the original and most expert manufacturing enterprises which integrate R&D, manufacturing and sales in the area of high-speed wireless network. Our company has passed ISO9000 and ISO14001 certificate and was honored to get a nationwide reward as a high technology company.

Our products are marketed worldwide which include Japan, America, European Union, and so on, and are often applied in computer servers, telecom, customers-oriented electronics, medical care, airport facilities, express railway and smart home together with other high-end fields. We own a seasoned engineering staff. They excel at machinery, electricity, software and automation that can additionally provide a line of solutions.

We are likewise equipped with innovative manufacturing area, ideal material supply chain and even have completely automatic test equipment.

Our chief products are WI-FI modules, customized nRF51822 Bluetooth modules and relevant wireless products. The products have FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH certificates readily available, and are often used in the PC, tablet computer, network player, security and protection control, as well as smart home.

Our firm insist upon the managerial strategy of keeping in pace with the tide, staying honest and practical.

“people first, perseverance, innovation, cooperation and mutual benefits” are our managerial ideas;

our quality management strategy is that the chasing of top quality is our permanent business, improvement the motivation and buyers’ satisfaction is the target, to confirm the durability and success of our company. We’re willing to establish tight business partnerships with overseas customers. Let’s work together, establish win-win situation and expect a better future together. We are wishing to partner with competitive partners.

Get in Contact with Us

Company Address: 4 Floor, Xixiang Chamber of Commerce Building, Gong Le Road, Xixiang Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, China.
Production line Address: No.8, Litong Road, Liuyang Economic & Technical Development Zone, Changsha, Hunan, China.
Contact Tel: +86-755 3398 5036
Email Address: davidchen[At]

Shenzhen Joyway Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Joyway Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech corporation, concentrating on consumer security items such as Bluetooth key finder, Anti lost Alarm system, Panic Alarm, GPS Tracking, custom Bluetooth LE modules and smart beacon modules for around Four years.

We have now tough capacity in R&D, manufacture and quanlity control. Our gadgets are certified by CE, FCC and ROHS certificates, and likewise have joined in a lot of widely known fairs per annum e . g . HK, IFA , CES, Cebita, Getax, CEPE, and many others.

We are able to accept these kind of payment solutions: West Union, T/T, L/C in addition to paypal. The Shipping time is very quick, 2-3 business days for sample order, 5-10 business days for builk order.

Our facility is located in Bao’an District of Shenzhen. It’s about 15 mins’ driving from Shenzhen international airport or 1 hour’s driving from Hong Kong airport.

Get in Contact with Us

Address: Room 1417-19, Floor 14, Bldg. 1, Noble Plaza, West Of Qianjin Road, Xin’an Office, Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Mobile: +86-0755-27662285
Whatsapp: +86-13728833868
Skype Username: bob-xia


SKYLAB M&C Tech Co.,Ltd, committed to the manufacture of proximity beacons and research and development of GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and various wireless products. Looking to deliver top quality, high end wireless modules and associated application solutions to foreign customers who want OEM/ODM solution and system integrators. Devoted to building up long term market value and prospective improvement for purchasers.

Since 2002, SKYLAB has deep development experience of wireless communication area, build up a powerful team which have full experiences of GNSS/WiFi/GPRS/Bluetooth beacon hardware software development in addition to RF technology.

SKYLAB offer you fine quality GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, GALILEO and other GNSS navigation and positioning modules, WiFi modules, Bluetooth LE Module, including indoor positioning beacon. Further development of applications founded on module core will cut down customer`s overall cost and offer low priced wireless gadgets.

SKYLAB is approved by ISO9001 Quality Control System and TS-16949 car industry quality standard, Germany TUV Nand.

SKYLAB headquarter is situated in Shenzhen, The Branches are Distributed in Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, Hong Kong, the USA, Warsaw, Singapore, Russia, Germany, Bombay, and so on. Delivering strong support for purchasers across the globe.

Someday, SKYLAB will continue emphasizing modern wireless tech, presenting a good deal more wireless modules and application solutions in line with changing market expectations

Contact Us

SKYLAB M&C Technology Co., Ltd.
TEL: 86-755-83408210
Telefax: 86-755-83408560
Mailbox: sales[At]
Address: 6 Floor, No.9 Building, Lijincheng Technical Park, Gongye East Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Know Shadowsocks, the latest tool that China’s coders take advantage of to blast through the Great Firewall(GFW)

Know Shadowsocks, the latest tool that China’s coders take advantage of to blast through the Great Firewall(GFW)

This year Chinese govt deepened a crackdown on virtual private networks (VPNs)-tools that assist web surfers within the mainland connect to the open, uncensored web. Although it is not a blanket ban, the recent polices are relocating the services out of their legal grey area and further toward a black one. In July only, one such made-in-China VPN immediately stopped operations, Apple wiped out a lot of VPN mobile apps from its China-facing iphone app store, and some international hotels stopped presenting VPN services within their in-house wireless internet.

However the government was aiming for VPN usage just before the latest push. From the time president Xi Jinping took office in the year 2012, activating a VPN in China has turned into a constant frustration – speeds are slow, and online connectivity regularly drops. Specifically before significant politics events (like this year’s upcoming party congress in Oct), it’s not uncommon for connections to fall instantly, or not even form at all.

In response to these situations, China’s tech-savvy coders have already been depending upon some other, lesser-known application to gain access to the open net. It’s referred to Shadowsocks, and it is an open-source proxy produced for the exact objective of leaping China’s Great Firewall. Although the government has made an effort to eliminate its spread, it is apt to keep challenging to reduce.

How is Shadowsocks different from a VPN?

To fully grasp how Shadowsocks does the job, we’ll have to get a tad into the cyberweeds. Shadowsocks is based on a technique called proxying. Proxying turned well-known in China during the early days of the GFW – before it was truly “great.” In this setup, before connecting to the wider internet, you initially connect to a computer instead of your personal. This other computer is called a “proxy server.” If you use a proxy, your complete traffic is forwarded first through the proxy server, which can be positioned just about anyplace. So in the event you’re in China, your proxy server in Australia can openly connect with Google, Facebook, and so on.

Nevertheless, the GFW has since grown more powerful. Currently, in case you have a proxy server in Australia, the GFW can certainly distinguish and stop traffic it doesn’t like from that server. It still realizes you are asking for packets from Google-you’re simply using a bit of an odd route for it. That’s where Shadowsocks comes in. It makes an encrypted connection between the Shadowsocks client on your local PC and the one running on your proxy server, employing an open-source internet protocol termed SOCKS5.

How is this unique from a VPN? VPNs also function by re-routing and encrypting data. Butmany people who make use of them in China use one of some big service providers. That makes it possible for the governing administration to find those providers and then clog up traffic from them. And VPNs in most cases go with one of several well known internet protocols, which tell computer systems the way to speak with each other on the internet. Chinese censors have already been able to use machine learning to find “fingerprints” that distinguish traffic from VPNs utilizing these protocols. These strategies don’t succeed very well on Shadowsocks, because it’s a much less centralized system.

Each and every Shadowsocks user establishes his own proxy connection, and consequently each looks a bit distinct from the outside. Consequently, figuring out this traffic is more complex for the Great Firewall-put another way, through Shadowsocks, it is relatively hard for the firewall to recognize traffic driving to an innocuous music video or an economic report article from traffic heading to Google or some other site blacklisted in China.

Leo Weese, a Hong Kong-based privacy advocate, likens VPNs to a quality freight forwarder, and Shadowsocks to having a product delivered to a pal who then re-addresses the item to the real intended recipient before putting it back in the mail. The former approach is more rewarding as a commercial enterprise, but simpler and easier for respective authorities to discover and closed. The second is make shift, but a lot more unseen.

Also, tech-savvy Shadowsocks users usually vary their settings, which makes it even more difficult for the GFW to uncover them.

“People employ VPNs to create inter-company connections, to create a safe and secure network. It was not devised for the circumvention of content censorship,” says Larry Salibra, a Hong Kong-based privacy advocate. With Shadowsocks, he adds, “Each individual can configure it to look like their own thing. That way everybody’s not using the same protocol.”

Calling all of the programmers

In case you happen to be a luddite, you are likely to probably have a difficult time setting up Shadowsocks. One prevalent method to utilize it needs renting out a virtual private server (VPS) situated beyond China and competent at using Shadowsocks. And then users must log in to the server using their computer’s terminal, and deploy the Shadowsocks code. Then, using a Shadowsocks client app (you’ll find so many, both free and paid), users put in the server IP address and password and access the server. After that, they can browse the internet freely.

Shadowsocks can be tricky to install as it was initially a for-coders, by-coders tool. The program first got to the public in 2012 by means of Github, when a builder utilizing the pseudonym “Clowwindy” uploaded it to the code repository. Word-of-mouth pass on amongst other Chinese developers, as well as on Tweets, which has been a base for anti-firewall Chinese coders. A online community established about Shadowsocks. Individuals at a couple of world’s biggest technology corporations-both Chinese and global-work with each other in their down time to maintain the software’s code. Programmers have developed third-party apps to control it, each touting several customizable capabilities.

“Shadowsocks is an ideal innovation…- Up to now, there is still no signs that it can be recognized and get ceased by the GFW.”

One such engineer is the author at the rear of Potatso, a Shadowsocks client for iOS. Located in Suzhou, China and employed to work at a US-based software program enterprise, he felt frustrated at the firewall’s block on Google and Github (the latter is blocked occasionally), both of which he depended on to code for job. He developed Potatso during nights and weekends out of frustration with other Shadowsocks clients, and finally release it in the application store.

“Shadowsocks is an impressive innovation,” he says, asking to remain private. “Until now, there’s still no signs that it can be determined and get ceased by the GFW.”

Shadowsocks is probably not the “greatest tool” to conquer the Great Firewall for good. But it will probably lie in wait at night for some time.

6 Layer Circuit Board Manufacturer In Asia

unique multi station potent in China, solo supply, high precision PCB drilling and routing machine,


6 Layer Circuit Board Manufacturer In Asia


Leadsintec Inc.

Leadsintec Co.,Ltd is an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) specialist based in Shenzhen since the year 2004. Being an ISO 9001 accredited electronics contract manufacturer, our company offers a range of circuit card, component sourcing, circuit card assemblage, box-build, testing services.

Because of the earlier 11+ years considerable experience of fabricating, Leadsintec has obtained a great standing in China and offshore. Our goods are mainly used for the Consumer Electronics , Industrial, Automation, Automotive, Agriculture, Defense, Aerospace, Medical and also Security industries.

Our aim is to help small , mid-sized clients in bringing down their cost by providing thorough , high-mixed, low and medium volume services. With our seasoned process administrators, procedure specialists, production team members and sourcing pros, we are now ready to completely understand and go beyond your wants.

Leadsintec’s fabrication establishments comprise of neat work spaces and state-of-the-art high-speed SMT lines. Our chip placement precision can achieve +0.1MM on integrated circuit components. It indicates we are able to address almost all types of integrated circuits, such as SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA as well as U-BGA. Likewise, we are able to provide 0201 chip placement, through-hole component insertion and ended product assembly, test and packing.



Source :

Turk-key Circuit Card assemblage service provider

(Backing up white label Circuit Card )

STG is a reputable qualified Circuit Card and PCBA manufacturer in China, which supplies OEM/ODM service for worldwide customers . With years of experiences, STG is not just a producer, but in addition a proficient designer for new ideas, new innovations in accordance with customers. Our range of products contains various segments, including gadgets, telecoms, industrial items , car assemblies, medical equipment etcetera.

Our key services consist of electronics and metal casing fab, such as printed circuit boards Circuit Card fabrication, component purchasing, Circuit Card assemblage, plastic/metal house build, die-casting and also custom fabrication. With skilled staff from STG properly trained, their performance will be impressive.

Connect with STG

China Shenzhen Office

Telephone: +86-0755-27929725
FAX: +86-0755-27929724

Address: Huolibao Building 5F , Technology Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518100, China.

HK Office

Tel: 852-36458129
Telefax: 852-36458092


Asia Pacific Circuits – One-stop service for Circuit Card Assy & Circuit Card Manufacturing

Based upon :

Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd makes a specialty of Circuit Card Fab and assemblage, which include prototype and production PCBs. Here at APC We provide top standard and less expensive Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services – including Circuit Card manufacturing, components seeking and complete PCB assemblage. With advanced manufacturing plant and modern technology, we accommodate clients in a wide array of industries.

We’re committed to your absolute satisfaction. Time to market represents how the company’s time-critical, One-stop Fab services allow for clients to shorten the time required to develop new merchandise and convey them to market.

Asia Pacific Circuits facilities are ISO9001-2008 authorized, ISO 14001 (Environmental), UL Approved, TS16949, TSTS13485 certified, IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 3 compliant. We have a PCB assemblage unit and a Circuit Card manufacturing unit in Shenzhen. Asia Pacific Circuits service selection covers – Circuit Card Prototype, low to mid and high volume Circuit Card Fab and Circuit Card assemblage services.

After APC employees 18 years of meticulous efforts to establish a perfect sales network, We set up a comprehensive management system, attained the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification. We possess a highly skilled sales, Circuit Card fanufacture and PCB assemblage under a single area, strengthen the sales process and making and testing devices to ensure only the best products are delivered to the client .

Get in touch with Us

Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd
Office Telephone: +86-755-2758-4025
Office Telefax: +86-755-2758-4028
Office Address: No. 55A, Baoan Ave, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, 518102, China
Manufacturing plant Address: Gaoqiao Industry Park East, Yanlong Ave, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China


China MOKO Tech Ltd

We Offer a Full Selection of PCB Board Solutions to Accommodate Every One of your PCB Needs.

Moko Tech Ltd started in 2001, centered at Shenzhen, China. is skilled in circuit board fab and circuit board assembly, based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. We’re dedicated to manufacturing single-sided , double-sided and multilayer PCB boards, up to 18 layers. Also, we can allow components purchasing and one-stop circuit board assembly service.

With upwards of a decade in the realm of circuit board prototype and mfg, we’re devoted to satisfying the requires of our clients coming from a variety of industries in terms of quality, supply, expense and almost every other request(s). As among the most qualified circuit board makers in China, we are confident to become your perfect partners .

In Shenzhen, we’re respected as the great supplier for a great many businesses worldwide. We deliver all kinds of services including circuit board fab and circuit board assembly for from sample orders to batch orders.

When it comes to circuit board assembling, working with 8 high-speed SMT assembling lines imported from Japan Yamaha and Sony, we do our utmost to satisfy our consumers’ needs.

One Stop Service: More than and above PCB Board Manufacturing

Our expanded competence in electronic boards is not only restricted to circuit board fab but reaches to almost all associated services including circuit board design & layout and circuit board assembly. Our skilled design consultants can help you to reach economical excellence in your multi-layer design and layout or we are able to design your circuit completely from scratch: from a simple double-sided board to elaborate rigid-flex PCB applications. In the year 2012, our branch – Shenzhen Eastwin Trading Ltd established with a purpose to facilitate international Market.

We possess our 25,000 square ft. state of the art manufacturing area to present the quality excellence you need…

We now have received the ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, UL along with ROHS certifications. At present our circuit board capability stretches to One thousand sqm. every day, and as for circuit board assembly can reach 100,000,000 items each month.

We extremely feel that our excellent service and experience will completely fulfil your demands. Honesty and innovation are the pushes that drive our victory. We’re the most useful solution to suit your needs.

For extra products and services, more incentives, or cost free samples don’t hesitate to

Connect with Us

China MOKO Tech Limited
Telphone: 86-75523573370
Telefax: 86-75523573370-808
Address : 4F,Buidling #2,Guanghui Technology Park,Minqing Road, Longhua Town, Shenzhen City, China
Zipcode: 518109


BLU S1 Review – NEW CDMA Device!

My full review over at Android Central:
Brand new BLU S1 CDMA Unlocked Device. Full review and initial impressions.

The New BLU S1

5.2″ HD Curved Glass Display
720 X 1280 resolution @282ppi
1.5ghz 8-Core 64-Bit Processor
16GB of internal storage
13MP Main Camera w/LED Flash
Phase Detection Autofocus
5MP Selfie Camera
Expandable Storage up to 64GB SD Card
2,800mAh Battery
Fingerprint Sensor built into the Home Button
Android 7.0 Nougat
4G LTE up to 300mbps
GSM Unlocked
CDMA Unlocked on Sprint – No Verizon Support


PCB Board Makers Based in China 2017

PCB Board Makers Based in China 2017

Leadsintec Co.,Ltd

Leadsintec Co., Limited is an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) company in Shenzhen since the year 2004. Being an ISO 9001 authorized electronics contract brand, we supply a range of PCB Board, component sourcing, PCB Assembly, box-build, testing services.

Attributable to the past 11+ years considerable expertise in making, Leadsintec has received an excellent fame in China and overseas. Our products are mainly utilized for the Electronics , Industrial, Automation, Vehicle, Agriculture, Defense, Aerospace, Medical and Home security markets.

Our plan is to facilitate small and mid-sized shoppers in cutting down their investment by providing all-encompassing solutions, high-mixed, low and medium volume services. Utilizing our seasoned process administrators, process engineers, production employees and sourcing gurus, we are now competent to completely grasp and exceed the needs you have.

Leadsintec’s fabrication establishments comprise of clean work spaces and cutting-edge high-speed SMT product lines. Our chip placement precision can certainly realize +0.1MM on IC parts. It signifies we can cope with virtually all types of integrated circuits, just like SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA as well as U-BGA. Furthermore, we’re able to provide 0201 chip placement, through-hole component insertion and ended merchandise fabrication, test and packaging.

PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd (mainly for prototype)

PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd is on the list of China’s main company supplying Electronic Board solutions, which is actually a three way partnership of 3 of the top ten PCBA Producer in China. Our specialty are fast-turn-time, low volume orders.
We’re an innovative electronics contract manufacturer (ECM) headquartered in Beijing, China. We are already focused on PCB prototype over the past 12 years. We’ve served known firms or associations around the globe, like Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, Jet Propulsion Laboratory of China, Altium, University of Cambridge, University of Wisconsin, Stanford University, Harvard University, Beijing University, Siemens and China Mobile. We have economical charges, well-trained technical engineers and good producing abilities. We suggested visitors to contact us and take into account us as a solid provider for PCB Board fabrication services.

We provide:
Quality. Affordable pricing. Timely delivery.

PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd can be your dependable maker for Printed Circuit Board prototype service.

Speak to Us

Sales Office Contact:
Telephone: +86-15601330384
Location: Room520A, Heqiao Plaza B Tower No.8 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100026

JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

JY Group does include JY Electronic as well as BLD Electronic, consentrate on the Electronic Circuit Board fabricating and Electronic Board Assemblage, design of electronics and mold shell . PCB manufacture and Electronic Circuit Board Assembly , both PCB Board prototyping and also massive production are welcomed , Circuit Board boards to a maximum of 24 layers . Most of the PCB Assemblage instruments are made by Panasonic , we’re in a position to take care of PCB manufacture and PCBA purchases against customer?ˉs requirements. 100% E-test and functional testing for PCB and PCBA before they’re shipped to our clients. We’ve earned a variety of management accreditations like UL , ISO , TS16949 , OHSAS and so forth. Products and MOLD SHELL DESIGN based upon the needs you have, our company offers personalized products and the mold shell design and components purchasing service . we’ll acquire the prime quality materials on the market. Excellent quality, prompt deliveries are our guarantee. With many years of knowledge in this sector, we have business cohesiveness with a lot of fortune 500 corporations like BMW, GREE, NIDEC, SUMITOMO and many more. We anticipate to have chance to help you before long. For additional information please go to our website :

Contact Us

Company Name: Dalian JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Floor 1-4, No. 13-1, Youquan Road, Zhanqian Street, Jinzhou District, Dalian, Liaoning, China
Telephone number: 86-411-66361648-806
Fax: 86-411-66361010
Email address:

Concerning STG

One-stop Electronic Circuit Board Assembly service supplier

STG is a top rated pro Electronic Circuit Board Electronic Manufacturing Service in China, which provides OEM/ODM service for global buyers . With many years of experiences, STG is not just a producer, but in addition a specialist designer for creative ideas, new innovations according to consumers. Our product selection covers assorted professions, for instance , consumer electronics, telephony, industrial items , automotive assemblies, medical equipment and so on.

Our key services can include electronics and metal casing fabrication, including printed circuit boards PCB Board manufacture, part purchasing, Electronic Board Assembly, plastic/metal house build, die-casting and even made to order Fab. With skilled team here at STG well trained, their abilities will be awesome.

Find Us

China Shenzhen Office

Telephone: +86-0755-27929725
FAX: +86-0755-27929724

Location: Huolibao Building 5F , Technology Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518100, China.


A-TECH CIRCUITS CO.,LIMITED is a contract Electronic Board manufacturing firm located within Shenzhen China, which specialize in fast turn Circuit Board prototype, small to medium volume Circuit Board manufacture and assembly services. It was started in the year 2003, with in excess of 550 highly trained full-time laborers, we’re capable to complete yield 15,000 square metre(s) monthly, incorporating approximately 3000 sorts of quick PCB prototype. The Circuit Board (printed circuit board) we built are widely utilized for diverse electronic industries, just like PC peripherals, aerospace, telecommunication, automobiles, medical devices, cameras, optoelectronic equipment and etc .. Close to 80% of our Circuit Board products are released to The European Union, Canada And America as well as Parts of asia.

A-Tech Circuits always sticks to the idea of “quality first, on time delivery and buyer pleasure”. As we give attention to quality, price, timely delivery and constant betterment, we can fulfill special requirements from international high tech corporations. At the same time, We have been qualified : ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, TS16949 and UL (UL No: E357001) and as well complied with the RoHs & WEEE requirement of leadless Circuit Board products through SGS test.

We learn that there is a lot of competition in the Circuit Board industry, yet we are positive that our commitment of high-quality, service and fast turn around times put us in front of the curve. Not only will we show you that we are deserving of your business and belief, but also we will explain to you the key reason why our buyers always return.

So as to fulfill various client needs world wide, A-TECH supplies an extensive variety of Circuit Board fabrication and service, below is a list of the services and products we now provide:

Rigid FR4 PCB Board
Flexible Electronic Circuit Board
Rigid-flex Printed Circuit Board
Metal Core / LED Circuit Board
Micro-wave / RF PCB Board
HDI Printed Circuit Board
PCB Assembly

Communicate with Us

A-Tech Circuits Co., Ltd.
Address: JiaYu Building, ShaJiang Rd, SongGang Town, Bao’an District, ShenZhen , China.
Tel: 86 (0) 755 3326 0657
Fax: 86 (0) 755 2306 4829

YingStar Technology

To comprehensively offer our buyers professional services with shortest time and most affordable cost, YingStar has its own PCB manufacturing area (set up in The year 2002, based in MeiZhou City, GuangDong province), Electronic Circuit Board Assembling manufacturing facility (founded in 2006, located within Bao’ An district, Shenzhen City) and Printed Circuit Board design staff. YingStar provides turn-key services covering anything from Electronic Board design, prototype making to volume Electronic Board Assemblage production. And when you’ve placed volume order to YingStar and your design is new and must be evolved or adjusted in the real world application, our proficient engineers can offer you the powerful support with no charging you any other money.

Competitive Price

YingStar frequently store in excess of 5000 popular elements from outstanding makers and always work with the internationally renowned electronic elements distributors for example DigiKey, Mouser, Element14, , Avnet, Maxim and Future Electronics to make sure our supply chain system is smooth and cater to both the emergency needs and common needs with shortest lead-time and competing rate.

Timely Delivery

We’re able to do the punctual delivery and lessen consumers’ wait time, as a result of:
1, We usually store above 5000 wide-spread parts;
2, Our company has one of the most experienced sourcing team and cooperate with internationally renowned electronic parts providers;
3, We possess our own Circuit Board and PCB Assembly manufacturing plant;
4, We possess our own design group who can support customers to deal with the complex technical problems.

Quality Warranty

We make certain that all the items we made are 100% certified and have at the least one year warranty period, but the precondition is that all the elements of the products are offered by us (which include PCB Board, electronic elements and Assemblage job). And for those boards only partially services supplied by us, we’re only responsible for the liability of the services supplied by us.


We handle all your information as highly sensitive and make every effort to protect your intellectual property (IP) rights.

The secrecy of your information is protected with the below methods and procedures.

Authorised entry only: To outer users, only authenticated users can access information that he/she is allowed to check out. To internal users, access of info is on a need-to-know basis. Your info are compartmentalized and linked with number IDs. One example is, our production technicians who is going to see design files can just see project and customer IDs; our delivery will not reveal billing info; and our accounting can’t view design files.

Security exam: We do everyday security review to support our security standards.

Deletion of information: We can clear off any specified information when requested.

Get Hold of Us

Shenzhen YingStar Electronics Co., Ltd
Telephone: 0086-755-27808878
Fax: 0086-755-27316461
Office Location: 302, Jin Li Hua Mansion, Gong Yuan Road, Bao’An 31 District, Shenzhen City, China Zipcode:518101
Manufacturing facility Address:
6th floor, 2nd Building, Zhuguang East Road, Chuangxin Technology Park, Xinli Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Asia Pacific Circuits – One-stop service for Electronic Circuit Board

Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd concentrates on Circuit Board manufacture and Assembling, including prototype and production PCBs. Here at APC We provide you with high standard and economical Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services – incorporating Printed Circuit Board Fab, components seeking and full PCB Assembly. With state-of-the-art production line and technology advances, we help purchasers in a wide variety of industries.

We are dedicated to your absolute satisfaction. Time to market stands for how the company’s time-critical, One-stop mfg services permit customers to shorten the time required to develop new products and convey them to market.

Asia Pacific Circuits production facilities are ISO9001-2008 recognized, ISO 14001 (Environmental), UL Approved, TS16949, TSTS13485 accredited, IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 3 compliant. Our company has a PCB Assemblage plant and a PCB manufacturing plant in Shenzhen. APC business range covers – Printed Circuit Board Prototype, low to middle and high volume Electronic Board manufacturing and Electronic Board Assemblage services.

After APC employees 18 years of unrelenting efforts to create a leading sales network, We achieved a overall management system, won the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification. We possess a highly competent sales, Circuit Board fanufacture and PCB Assembling under a single area, better the sales process and making and testing hardware to ensure only quality products are shipped to the client .

Contact with Us

Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd
Office Tel: +86-755-2758-4025
Office Facsimile: +86-755-2758-4028
Email address:
Office Location: # 55A, Baoan Ave, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, 518102, China
Manufacturing plant Address: Gaoqiao Industrial Park East, Yanlong Ave, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

Kingle – Electronic Manufacturing Service Company

Kingle is an Electronic Manufacturing Service Supplier for worldwide consumers for close to 10 years.

Since 2006, Our company offers Electronic Circuit Board Design, Electronic Circuit Board Fab and PCB Assembling service to the world. With the company’s continuous expansion of business, in order to satisfy customers’ needs, We recruited more engineers , introduced advanced hardware, Upgraded to EMS producers, Provide our Clients with Turn-key electronics manufacturing services. Our Electronic Manufacturing Service has PCB Design Service, PCB Prototypes & fabrication, SMT PCB Assembly, Electro-mechannical Assemblage, Box build & Cable Assembly, Functional Testing, product packaging, and also Elements purchase. Our objective is to be world-class Electronic Manufacturing Service supplier.

Get Hold of Us

Address: Block A, Longang Century Building, No.23 Haixiu Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, China
Telephone: 86-755-36972611
Cellular phone: +86-18588202792
Email address:

PCBWay, Electronic Circuit Board Prototype and Mfg

With over a decade in the realm of Electronic Board prototype and Fab, we’re dedicated to meeting the requirements of our clients from diverse industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests. As amongst the most proficient PCB Assembly Manufacturer in China, we pride ourselves to be your foremost business partners and also good friends in the all aspects of your Electronic Board requires.

Printed Circuit Board Quality

Circuit Board is one of the most important parts of any electrical and electronic products. The quality of Electronic Circuit Board establishes the quality of all of these gadgets. The new technology makes possible the down-sizing of integrated circuits, higher packing denseness and smaller layout measurement, thereby the higher expectations on Circuit Board arise. We learn the worth of Electronic Board quality to our consumers so therefore we visually check every single board, and then we electrically test them once more to make sure the boards provided totally adhere to your Gerber data files.

Delivery service

As time passed we are delighted to have been preserving 99% on-time delivery ratio. As We realize, on top of Circuit Board quality, the other most vital point is the least amount of lead-time, that is extremely important for professionals’ research and development tasks, in particular in the period of prototyping. We work in 3 shifts in order to guarantee your PCB Boards will be transported ASAP.


Our pricing table is very clear, without any concealed fee included. Our price is just about the most competitive , and is basically a tiny part of that other U . S . or Western producers frequently set you back. Even a good number of budget-sensitive customers for example kids and enthusiasts predominantly believe us for their Circuit Board prototype and Mfg orders. We try our utmost to reduce your business expenses and also time period.

PCBWay’s aspiration is being the most efficient Circuit Board prototype and small-volume production maker throughout the world! PCBWay do our best to satisfy your PCB expectations!

Connect with Us

Location:12F,West #2 Building, XinTianDi Business Center, No.71-8 ShiXiang Rd,XiaCheng District,Hangzhou , China
Telefax: 86-571-85457578

Shenzhen Dashunchang Electronic Co., Ltd

PCB Assembly Producer Since The Year 2012

China Dashunchang Electronic Co., Ltd, a technology business focused on single-sided Circuit Board, double-sided Circuit Board and multi-layer Electronic Board , was established in The year 2002, directed at fast PCBA and huge production. Our important products are CEM-3, FR4 and aluminum based Electronic Board, and so forth. Being the biggest PCB Board Manufacturer, our daily prototype full capacity is beyond 3,000 models. Our customers have the ability to check their purchases any time by our Electronic Board Online Quote Platform, including placing order via the internet, monitoring shipping info, keeping an eye on shippment timetable, and the like. Dashunchang constantly focus on providing buyers with an array of satisfying customer support, accentuate employees training and encouraged people-oriented philosophy . This is why, we get hold of the worldwide recognition and praise of so many shoppers from home and internationally

We have 600 energetic, skilled personnel, and 60 administrative staff and technicians. We have a large number of leading-edge programmed production lines and testing equipment. Our PCBs are mostly used in fields for example , telecommunications hardware, industrial power source, instrumentation, video, industrial controller, LED, home security, Television box, digital audio, electronic toys, conversion board, etc. We’re certain to be the largest sized, most skilled and most worthy PCBA Maker in China.

Quick Background:

Nov . 2002, Dashunchang was set up in Shenzhen.
Dec 2006, Got “Shenzhen Excellent Businesses Prize”, and also gained UL and ISO certifications.
June 2010, Completely discontinued classic running method, Wholly allowed shoppers to benefit from self-service platform: placing orders, verifying online, monitoring progress, and so on, turnkey service.

Oct . 2011, Modernized equipment, Started using imported automated lines and dry film processes, added in 200 units of testing devices and supply cost-free testing support for all of the prototypes.
February 2013, the everyday prototype ability is greater than 3,000 models.

Reach Out to Us

Internet marketing office: #2713 NanGuangJieJia Building, Number3037 Shennanzhong Rd, Shenzhen, China
Factory: 24th Building, North Yongfa Science Park, Heyi Village, Shajing, Shenzhen
Tel: +86-755-33557673
Fax: +86-755-83353824
E-Mail: sales1[at]

To get yourself a rapid price for your Printed Circuit Board requires. Visit
PCB Assembly Quote from a Maker from China




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