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Cost-free Online EDA Program Offered at EasyEDA

Cost-free Online EDA Program Offered at EasyEDA


About EasyEDA

EasyEDA is Interested In Innovation

We’re manufacturers, geeker and engineers. When we would like to design and construct several electronic products several years ago, we devoted 2 or 3 weeks attempting to locate the correct specialist tools. We called for schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB layout yet , we needed it not to be just for Ms windows and we did not prefer the thought of being required to shell out some huge cash to acquire a significant program suite and thereafter spend many days discovering how to take advantage of it.

Our target is to facilitate designers move on from thought to made prototype more quickly by supplying comprehensive info and collaboration software for electronic design. Whether you’re a hobbyist desirous to sample your very first project or a practiced professional hunting for a work flow enhancement, our aim is to take away the tedium in taking a innovation to our lives. We want to hear what you’re concentrating on or any tips on the way we can help you, thus please email us.

Briefly, EasyEDA will provide you with an easier EDA experience, so that you can appreciate more of the journey from a thought to a product.

Business Line And Pricing

There won’t be any absolutely free business models; EasyEDA must support itself and therefore it has to support the crew too.

Wishing to provide a disruptive innovation, we provide a superb cost-free internet based EDA software program, but we try to earn cash from different services, like offering PCB orders, PCB assembly, advertising and special project reviews by our professional electronics specialists.

You can make use of EasyEDA, we promise EasyEDA’s key features are 100 % free to every one.

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Zip Code: 518000

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Recommended PCB Board Design to Get Simple Assembly

Recommended PCB Board Design to Get Simple Assembly


There’s no doubt that maintaining the cost of your Circuit Cards plus their assembly minimal is a significant part of planning your order. We now have gathered a listing of Electronic Board design suggestions to support you with your Printed Circuit Board design for faster and easier assemblage process.
Listed below are points to take into accout when designing your board to help in keeping the Circuit Board assemblage cost low.


Number1. Make use of good drawing package that will locate the parts you’re using on the Electronic Circuit Board.

Number2. Review your Gerber & Excellon files with stand alone viewers, not just the one made available to you by your design package.

Number3. Check with your Circuit Board assembler to guarantee the finish you picked will work best with their assembly processes.

No.4. Begin by installing the components that demand a exact location first.

#5. Keep as a minimum 100 mils between the parts and the Circuit Card side.

#6. Endeavor to space out the components evenly both horizontally and vertically, and orient Circuit Card components towards the exact same direction wherever possible. Be sure that the alignment of polarized components is the same. Avoid putting your components at angles except for 0 or 90 degrees

Number7. If it is needed to have parts on both the sides, keep delicate, large, or through-hole components on the primary side. Additionally, any components which call for special attention should really be maintained on the primary side of the Circuit Card way too.

No.8 When opting for locations to put electronic components, nearly always endeavor to diminish trace lengths.

Last but not least , Take into account the volume of the run. In the event that you have a low volume then PCB assy manually is a sensible solution. If you have a high volume run, it is the most affordable to take advantage of robotic Electronic Circuit Board assembling. Additionally, the quantity is not alone dependent upon the number of Printed Circuit Boards ordered but in addition the quantity of parts on every one Circuit Board. Consult your PCB Board assembler to realize what volume your run is considered as.


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