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Hepa filter, intelligent central vacuum cleaner system
Built-In / Central
Bag Or Bagless:
Power (W):
Voltage (V):
Model Number:
Brand Name:
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Dust Capacity:
Noise Level:
3 Years
Working principle:
Mixed Cyclone
Host shell:
Stainless steel
Product name:
central vacuum cleaner system
vacuum cleaner system
Packaging Details
Packing quota (pcs/ctn): 1pcs/ctn

Outer carton specification: 382mm *342mm*960mm

Weight: 15.7KG
Delivery Time
15-20 days
Product Description

why choose this products?

   The research shows that the air pollution in the house and in the office area is about 100 times as the outdoor, the Viruses and bacteria could take the tiny dust indoor as a vector get into our body by breath, skin and mucosal. At present we could know almost 65%-75% of infection and allergy is related to indoor dust…

   Despite there have many reasons of the high incidence but the floating dust and bacteria also is a important reason to aggravate respiratory disease.
   Therefore, It is necessary to install a central vacuum system in the healthy house,
efficient and timely elimination of indoor dust and adsorbed bacteria which on the
ash dust.

 Product introduction

      Central vacuum system consists of cleaner host, pipe network, vacuum port, vacuum components. The host of Vacuum is placed on the room, balcony, garage, equipment rooms inside (or outside) of the building. The host through the network management conenct with each room’s suction port,When do the cleaning work, put the cleaning suction vacuum components into the vacuum suction port, sucked the harmful gases and dust indoor into the large capacity trash bags by vacuum cleaning Pipes. 

      In Europe and the United States, the central vacuum system has 50 years of production history, large-scale use has 30-40 years of history. Current usage in the villa is about 90%, utilization rate in the apartment is about 55%. The central suction dust systems are considered as an integral part of new housing ,and necessary procedure for build houses upgrade.


1. Quiet life: the host away from the living space, when using noise-free, quiet home leisurely.


2. Clean and efficient: removal of harmful micro-organisms, mites, pollen, pet dander and other dust materials for more than 0.3 microns, the efficient rate up to 99.7% .


3. Fresh and health: the dust stored in the host through the pipeline, separate vacuum, the exhaust process to prevent secondary pollution, so that can make indoor and outdoor spacekeep fresh and healthy


4. Light use: to insert a vacuum hose valve can be remote control host, professional self-cleaning filtration system to reduce the use of cost.


5. Engineer-moving system: The vavcuum cleaner by the AMETEK LAMB of United States is about 5 times as the orrdinary cleaner, can meet the variety needs of all environmental conditions.

The difference between Traditional Vacuum cleaner and Central vacuum cleaner system

  The Traditional Vacuum cleaner Central vacuum cleaner system

The indoor noises reach to 70-80DB, it will affect you and your
family’s normal life.

The host equipment is far way from

 the living area, there haveno noise 

when in use, just slight sound of air.


Electrical power is small, air tightness is not

 enough, small suction,it can’t clean the 

micron-level indoor pollution particles

 thoroughly,only 50-micron filer 

is the smallest particles, can not fight 

the mites in the living room.

The cleaning efficiency is 5-8 times

 as the traditional vacuum cleaner,
guarantee filter at least 99.97% 

of 1 micron and above dust.


Electrical power is small, air tightness is not

 enough, small suction,it can’t clean the

 micron-level indoor pollution particles

 thoroughly,only 50-micron filer is the smallest particles,

can not fight the mites in the living room.

The cleaning efficiency is 5-8 times 

as the traditional vacuum cleaner,
guarantee filter at least 99.97% of 

1 micron and above dust.


There will have some troubles when the 

vacuum host in use,sometime the trouble

 is due to the wire is not long enough, every
use, the machine was drag back and forth,

 easy abrasion the ground
and collide the furniture.

When put the vacuum hose into 

a vacuum cleaning board, let the 

system automatic start. Or use 

the finger open the button which

 is in the vacuumhose handle so 

as to control the host’s switch.
The standard and special made

 hose full of flexibility , not abrade

 the decoration and furniture.


The filer bag have small capacity, and the 

gathering dust particleseasy to leave out.

The filter capacity is big, airproof, 

only need to dump 2-3 times per

 year;the clean method have little 

difference according to the different


Using Life

The electrical machine and the dust easy to 

combine, then begrime,It lead to the life 

shortened greatly.

Dedicated and highly efficient motors,

 motor and put an end to
the dust exposure, 

So that the motor lasting life.


Low filter precision, secondary pollution

 and so on these can’t beeliminated 

harmful bacteria and emission also

 will cause all kindsof allergy and respiratory

 disease and so on syndrome, especially

 have a more great impact on elder 

and children.

Could efficiently removal and deduce

 the harmful contaminations 

of the air, provider your whole 

family a breath easy, 

healthy indoor environment.

Menred CEfficient cleaning:the suction ability is many times as the normal vacuum.
No second pollution:Drain the gas out of the room directly.
Simple operation:The vacuum faucet around everywhere, convenient to vacuum.
Intelligent and energy:Have special MENRED control system
Easy- mounting:It is easy to mount when built or decorate the house.
Electric machine:Imported motor;
Dust collection barrels:Visible window, easy to check the amount of dust which is absorbed
Filters:Install the host, do no affect the disassemble dust collection barrel;
The vent of electric machine:Security Configuration, promoting electrical life.
Hasp-style dust collection tank to open means: The operation to maintain
life-long seal is more portable, user-friendly open.VS3.16 theHome intelligent the cyclone theimport central vacuum cleaner


Technical parameters


Company Information

About menred

Menred Group Yueqing Import and Export Co.Ltd.is belong to MENRED GROUP.We were founded in 2005 and re-established in 2015, our HQ is located in the city of yueqing which is famous for the production of “Low voltage application” in Zhejiang province.We devote ourselves to R&D production, sale and service of energy-saving products. Our core business is radiant heating and cooling system, ventilation system, vacuum cleaner system central air-conditioning and intelligent home. The products we exported included thermostats, switches, manifolds, actuators, valves, ventilators, cleaners, water purifiers and so on.  



Our team

We are ambitious, also down-to-earth.Therefore menred has the firm faith,and devote ourselves to developing pragmatic, market-oriented and highly effective strategies at the same time, just because we understand that only win consumers in the future market, we will really get the confidence.


We are able to customize products individually for each of our customers to meet their diverse requirements. Besides that, menred is a popular brand in HVAC industrial in China, for the overseas market, we are professional and experienced for the OEM and ODM service, our products have exported to UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Finland, Poland, Australia, Brazil etc. 


We have passed ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO14001:2004, and all of our products have acquired the CE certificate. Holding more than 100 patents and 20 software copyrights to protect our intellectual property rights. 


Q: Are you a factory?

A: Yes, we are a international trading department belong to MENRED Group, Our Group has three factories,one is in Germany, another two in China.


Q: I need your price list of all your products, do you have a price list ?

A: We do not have a price list of all of our products. Because we have so many items,and it’s impossible to mark all of their price on a list.And the price are always changing because of the producing cost.If you want to check any price of our products, please feel free to contact us.We will send offer to you soon!


Q: I can’t find the product on your catalogue, can you make this product for me?

A: Our catalogue shows most of our products,but not all.So just let us know what product do you need,

and how many do you want.If we do not have it,we can also design and make a new mould to produce

it.For your reference,making a ordinary mould will take about 35-45 days.


Q : Can you make customized products and customized packing?

A: Yes.We made a lot of customized products for our customer before.(mainly wire harness) And we made many moulds for our customers alread.About customized packing,we can put your Logo or other info on the packing.There is no problem.Just have to point out that ,it will cause some additional cost.


Q: Can you provide samples ? Are the samples free ?

A: Yes,we can provide samples.Normally,we provide 1-3pcs free samples for test or quality checking.

But you have to pay for the shipping cos.If you need many items, or need more qty for each item,

we will charge for the samples.


Q : How to ship my order ? Is it safe?

A: For small package, we will send it by Express, tsuch as DHL,FedEx,,UPS,TNT,EMS.That’s a

Door to Door service.

     For big packages, we will send them by Air or By sea.We will use good packing and ensure

the safety.We will be responsible to any product damage caused on deliver.


Q: Do youu have a guarantee of your product quality?

A: We have a guarantee of one year.

 Menred CVS3.16 theHome intelligent the cyclone theimport central vacuum cleaner

Q: Can I become an Agent / Dealer of MENRED products?

A: Welcome! But please let me know your Country/Area fisrt,We will have a check and then

talk about this.If you want any other kind of cooperation,do not hesitate to contact us.

Any requirements or question,welcome to “Send” us an e-mail  Now!!!