OEM BLE Beacon Manufacturer Located within PRC

Jiangmen Todaair Electronics Co., Limited.

Todaair Electronics Co., Ltd. is an imaginative technology enterprise which is focused on R&D, manufacturing, marketing of wireless telecommunication microwave devices. We give full attention to building the wireless core technology, and as well we have our unique cloud platform which can make the smart home.

We work with excellent local IT businesses such as ZTE, Wechat corporation, GizWits. Through the years, we pinpoint the smart cloud system.

We individually develop and produce “Todaair” brand merchandise which cover the DIP out-of-doors wireless AP, indoor ceiling AP, house inwall AP, intelligent portal, advertising routers, smart control switches, open-air high-gain aerial, tailor-made Perimeter Beacon, and many others. Our commercial range mostly requires wireless video surveillance, outdoor and indoor transmission coverage. So far, Todaair software platform is traditionally used in security wireless tracking, industrial transmission, WiFi coverage and other fields. Brand franchisees are located in well over 50 top urban centers in China. And our items are typically purchased to Countries in Europe, The United States, Southeast Aisa, South America, The African continent.

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Contact Tel: +86-750-3135725
Email Address: todaair[at]todaair.com
Address: F.6 Electronic Building #1 Guangdeli Street, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China