Keyboard manufacturer Roland joined with London’s St Pancras Station and created a piano playing competition a few months ago during the summer. Their new model (the Roland LX-7) would be left at the station for a couple of weeks, if you wanted to enter the competition you simply have to upload a video of yourself playing anything you like, the person with the most votes would actually win the keyboard to take home!

The competition is over now and sadly I didn’t win but I’m still very proud the way I played. I had a go at incorporating the double bass sound into my composition and as you can tell from the video I made some people smile to my music.

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PATRICK PLAYING PIANO I’m just a guy from London who loves playing the piano. I never went to a music school, college or conservatory. I haven’t had a lot of formal training so my approach my be somewhat unique. I first started playing an old keyboard that my parents bought from a second hand shop, I didn’t know what I was doing in terms of melody and chords but I was able to develop my listening skills – hearing the demo songs and learning about different kinds of music. I didn’t start taking piano lessons until I was 20 and I stopped after three years. My lessons would be 45mins every two weeks. Every morning I during my University days I would be in the music building practicing until it was time for my lectures. Jazz is a big musical influence but I like all genres of music and I try to learn from them to help me become a better musician. To anyone who likes the was I play and thinks to themselves “how can I play like that” the best advice I can give you is to DON’T GIVE UP don’t stop playing the piano, and if you did stop start playing again! Follow me on my musical journey, watch me develop my piano playing skills!