Este é um vídeo mostrando um Super Nintendo Preto, por fora e por dentro com a placa Raspberry pi 2 montado em casa e rodando o sistema Retropie 3.2 e alguns detalhes.

Lista de componentes usados no projeto:

Esquema de ligação da fonte e chave liga/desliga:



Pack com Roms Mame, Fba, Neo Geo (Arcade):

Pack com Roms Snes:[SNES]_Super_Nintendo_Games_Collection_[765_ROMS]___Snes9x_1.53

Pack com Roms Mega Drive:

OBS: Apenas usei uma carcaça pura sem a placa que encontrei no mercado livre não foi sacrificado nenhum SNES intacto e também não recomendo desmontar SNES em perfeitas condições para este projeto. é melhor comprar no mercado livre quebrado ou apenas o case.


One-upping the NES Classic Edition with the Raspberry Pi 3 and RetroPie

NES Classic is no more, but fortunately bargain hobbyist boards are perfect for small projects.

Last Nov, Nintendo stunned everyone by going back to its origins and launching the NES Classic. The wonderful emulator/nostalgia-fest stimulated unanticipated demand, including near-instant supply issues and 200-percent-plus markups in secondary markets. So in December of 2016, we chose to build our own version instead. Since Nintendo bizarrely announced that it won’t be making any more of the hard-to-find mini consoles this week, we’re re-running this piece to help those with a DIY streak once more build your own. Hardware recommendations have been updated to reflect current availability and pricing for April 2017.

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Meet MintyPi 2.0: Raspberry Pi Video Game Emulator Packed Into Tiny Mint Tin Box

A YouTuber and designer has uncovered mintyPi 2.0, a project that converts a typical mint tin box in to a lightweight video game console.

MintyPi 2.0, powered by the Raspberry Pi mini computer, is the second attempt at the project, bringing with it several positive changes as compared to the original mintyPi.

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JB Hi-Fi Just Received The Mother Lode Of Nintendo Classic Minis

Christmas 2016 will eternally be recalled as the year people went legit bananas for a retro NES console. The thing was a piece of plastic that basically played 30 games from the 8-bit era – but admire is a powerful thing. So powerful that demand completely surpassed supply, ultimately causing crashed web sites, exhausted stock and 1000s of empty-handed consumers.

For those still on a Zelda-like pursuit to obtain this renowned device, we’ve got some fantastic news: the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is currently for sale in JB Hi-FI stores, All over australia. Hurrah!

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