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Playing the Keyboard at St Pancras | Patrick Playing Piano

Keyboard manufacturer Roland joined with London’s St Pancras Station and created a piano playing competition a few months ago during the summer. Their new model (the Roland LX-7) would be left at the station for a couple of weeks, if you wanted to enter the competition you simply have to upload a video of yourself playing anything you like, the person with the most votes would actually win the keyboard to take home!

The competition is over now and sadly I didn’t win but I’m still very proud the way I played. I had a go at incorporating the double bass sound into my composition and as you can tell from the video I made some people smile to my music.

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PATRICK PLAYING PIANO I’m just a guy from London who loves playing the piano. I never went to a music school, college or conservatory. I haven’t had a lot of formal training so my approach my be somewhat unique. I first started playing an old keyboard that my parents bought from a second hand shop, I didn’t know what I was doing in terms of melody and chords but I was able to develop my listening skills – hearing the demo songs and learning about different kinds of music. I didn’t start taking piano lessons until I was 20 and I stopped after three years. My lessons would be 45mins every two weeks. Every morning I during my University days I would be in the music building practicing until it was time for my lectures. Jazz is a big musical influence but I like all genres of music and I try to learn from them to help me become a better musician. To anyone who likes the was I play and thinks to themselves “how can I play like that” the best advice I can give you is to DON’T GIVE UP don’t stop playing the piano, and if you did stop start playing again! Follow me on my musical journey, watch me develop my piano playing skills!


HP DM1-3010NR Keyboard’s Key Replacement

There’s always risk on braking the mechanism when removing the key. Do it patiently!.
The way of removing the key of the keyboard may vary depending on the keyboard’s manufacturer.


Tt eSPORTS Meka Pro Review – Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Amazon Link (Affiliate): http://amzn.to/2qytTIV
Nicolas11x12 reviewing the Tt eSPORTS Meka Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Manufacturer: Tt eSPORTS

Full Specifications:


Fnatic Gear Rush Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Unboxing

Nicolas11x12 unboxing the Fnatic Gear Rush Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Manufacturer: Fnatic Gear
Model: 1202002-1101

Full Specifications:
Gaming Keyboards


cnc machine manufacturer cable stripping knife zoda wire stripper ergonomic computer keyboard

The first cutting machine designing for large diameter cable, is able to cut the cable up to 120mm2

Easy Touch-screen operating, feeding speed is up to 4m/s

The blades adjustment and replacement are more convenient.

Cutting length 1-99999.9mm

Wire size 0.08-120mm2

Power AC220V,400W

Air source ≥0.6Mpa, 4m3/h

Dimension 700mm*540mm*600mm

Cutting tolerance ±0.1mm

Company name: Cheers Electronic Technical Co., LTD
Skype: Cheers.Machine
Email: Cheersmachine@126.com
cnc machine manufacturer cable stripping knife zoda wire stripper ergonomic computer keyboard


Manufacturer Video of the Bush Articulating Keyboard Tray Accessory

https://www.supplychimp.com/go/bush-pencil-drawer-accessory-black1.html – Manufacturer Video of the Bush Articulating Keyboard Tray Accessory


Feenix Autore Keyboard + Nascita Gaming Mouse Unboxing

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Welcome to my unboxing and overview of the Feenix Autore Keyboard and Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse. Here is some more information from the manufacturer.

Feenix Autore Keyboard

2014 Model – Lead Designer: Ashkon Shayani

With an elegantly minimal design, combined with quality workmanship, the Feenix Autore provides a pure and timeless mechanical gaming experience.

The Autore was designed with the unwavering vision of creating a mechanical keyboard with impeccable click feel, comfort, reliability, and durability.

Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse

2014 Model – Lead Designer: Ashkon Shayani

With a design that exemplifies understated elegance, the Feenix Nascita does nothing but overstate its perfection as a gaming instrument.

Feenix designed and engineered the Nascita to provide gamers with nothing short of impeccable quality, feel, and reliability. As a result the Nascita is a technical marvel, and a paradigm of excellence in quality and workmanship.

Twitter – http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy
Facebook – http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger
Instagram – http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy
Google Plus – http://bit.ly/1auEeak


Mechanical Keyboard Switch Automatic Manufacturing Supplier

Greetech is a professional keyboard switch supplier in China, dedicating to manufacturing keyboard switch for over 10 years for world well-known brand laptop and keyboard. Know more details: http://www.greetech-switch.com/


Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger Z Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Nicolas11x12 reviewing the Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger Z Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Model: SGK-6010-GKCM1

Full Specifications:


Subject: Selecting A Good Keyboard Manufacturer And Supplier For Nice Results

View more details at http://www.jrmediaone.com/totalmobile


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