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A Beginner’s Guide to Mechanical Switches

We bring to you our mechanical switches guide w/ over 14 keyboards tested. Some switches are missing (MX Black/Clear, Gateron Switches and others) but in this compilation we discuss the most common mechanical switches found on many high end gaming keyboard. Enjoy 🙂

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Good further reading on mech keyboards:
DAS keyboard guide – http://www.daskeyboard.com/blog/mechanical-keyboard-guide/#terminology
WASD keyboard guide – http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/mechanical-keyboard-guide

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My Gameboy Zero Build | Overview, struggles and parts list (UK)

My final video on the Gameboy Zero project! Just an overview of what I went through to make it and a parts list.


Andrew Applepie: http://www.andrewapplepie.com |



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Best 5 Raspberry Pi Zero Electronics Projects That Make The Most Of Its Tiny Stature

The Raspberry Pi is definitely the novice decision for Build-it-yourself electronic projects. The Raspberry Pi Zero, which is about the size of a stick of gum, is fairly economical and has it’s own special use examples though. Here are 10 of our favorite projects which make use of its measurement.

1. Cram a Raspberry Pi Zero Into an Old School Controller

Everyone understands the Raspberry Pi makes an top-quality DIY gaming console. The setup process just takes a couple of minutes, and the Raspberry Pi Zero is totally competent at taking on older games from the Super NES time and earlier. The whole project is even better when the whole system is inside a controller.

Working example (ahem), this project relies on a Super NES controller, this one tackles the NES controller, and this one uses that good old original Xbox controller. However you intend to take action, you will end up with a pretty slick tiny DIY classic game console you may tote around anyplace.

2. Make a Miniscule Dongle Computer

While the Pi Zero makes a nice tiny computer as it is, it makes a better dongle computer. Using this method, you can attach it to every other computer you have, then it will tether itself directly so you will never have to bring in a USB or any networking.

The most wonderful thing of this project is the point that you do not need yet another PC mouse, display, or computer keyboard hanging out around. Simply just jam in into your normal desktop PC and you’re good to go.

3. Make the World’s Minutest (Probably) MAME Cabinet

MAME cabinets are brilliant, however, they are huge. For the exact opposite approach, you are able to use a Raspberry Pi Zero to make one that is about as small as the Pi itself.

You may need a few elements to help to make this sucker function, including a 3D printed case, but in the end cabinet is definitely functional, indicating you’ll have the very best desk add-on in the workplace.

4. Build a Motion Sensing Video Camera

source: http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Motion-Sensing-Camera/

The Raspberry Pi has always been a good motion sensing video camera, but the low profile of the Pi Zero can make it better still.

Employing the Raspberry Pi Zero, your motion sensing camera has a smaller footprint, indicating it can go in even tighter rooms. As an illustration, this one mounts to your window with a couple of suction cups, which is nearly as light and portable as it becomes.

5. Play Any Simpsons Episode (or maybe Any Television Show) Aimlessly

If you have ditched cable and gone full streaming with your media, you’ll probably still miss the days of catching an arbitrary episode of your favorite TV show. The Raspberry Pi Zero may bring that back.

In such a project, they use episodes of The Simpsons saved on an SD card. With a custom script, you can actually mouse click a control button and it plays a sequence at random. You are able to put any media you wish here, including multiple shows if you wished for, yet, The Simpsons make the perfect choice.

Overview of Elephone P9000 Handset

Overview of Elephone P9000 Handset

Android 6.0
Amazing display screen
Effective & cordless charging

Negative aspects

Pistol safe scanning actually isn’t tried and tested
Camera software application really needs work

What Is The ELEPHONE P9000?

The P9000 is the most recent Android-centered mobile phone from Chinese company Elephone, which is certainly acquiring and maintaining a great acceptance for its cost-effective while content smartphone tech.

It sports a 5.5-” LG-built Liquid crystal display screen, a genuine 8-core MediaTek CPU, 4GB of Random access memory, 32GB of in-built memory space, instant charging, wire-less charging, NFC element, a Sony-manufactured 13-mega-pixel snapper and a fingerprint reader on the rear end.

The Elephone as well works with Android operating system 6.0, the most current version of Google’s OS. Despite all of these excellent technical specs, it expenses no more than $200.

ELEPHONE P9000 – Design and BUILD Quality

Elephone’s previous hard work have been slightly disagreeing with regards to general build and design.

The Elephone M2 looked and sensed like a top notch cell phone but given middle-of-the-road overall performance, Regarding the P9000, however, the corporation in the end has a tendency to have reach the most suitable balance among capability and design.
The P9000 follows the on-going fashion in the Android marketplace for metal-body mobile phones, promising a metallic framework that is supported by a plastic panel.

Around the edges of the cellular phone you’ll observe a discreet chamfered effect, plus the average control buttons plus inputs. On the right-hand edge lay the power key and volume button, at the same time on the other side there exists a key that may be tweaked to be a one-tap quick way to unwrap almost any application program you would like. Easily, a long-touch of this switch also places the device directly into calm setting, not 100 % contrary to the “mute” switch positioned on iPhone units.

Over the mobile phone you can discover the all-pervasive 3.5mm earphone port, while on the bottom resides the reversible USB Type-C data & charging outlet – a future-proof function that even the lately launched Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t consist of. Flanking this port are 2 grilles, one covering a phone speaker, another the in-call mic.

Revolving the P9000 around shows you a plastic-type rear end panel, which provides a texture which takes some becoming familiar with. It’s really a matte-effect surface, which appears to seems as if it ought to be soft – however , it is not; to describe it as very fine-grain sand paper would not be a million miles from the truth. I actually quite like it since it increases grip, but it also picks up marks and scratches a little too easily.

On the backside one can find the Sony-made 21-megapixel shooter – filled with LED flash and laser auto-focus – and the fingerprint reader.
Dual-SIM functionality is a mainstay of the Chinese cellular market, and the P9000 presents support for two micro-SIM cards.

On the other hand, if you’d rather extend your available storage space you may use one of the SIM slots for a microSD card, smartly augmenting the quantity of space available for images, music as well as other data.

Finger print sensors are getting to be relatively seen everyday on budget Android OS mobile phones – the Elephone Vowney and Elephone M2 each own one – but it is distinct that corporations for instance Elephone are perhaps seeking to put into practice the tech as proficiently as their bigger opponents.

The scanner on the P9000 commonly needs a 2nd or some times 3rd press to signup your finger print and so unlock the handset, but in any case it can be used to wake the device even though the display screen is switched off. You could also put it to use to affirm payment action on the Google Play Store, due to the fact that the product comes with Android 6.0 run; when Android Pay affects Britain, it is possible to team it up with the NFC element to reach contact-less payments in outlets.

ELEPHONE P9000 – Screen

Elephone with pride claims that the P9000 has a 5.5″ FHD, LG LTPS LCD on the handset’s Apple-like plastic packaging, and it has legitimate reason to howl about it – this screen is perfectly outstanding, even by upper-tier criteria.

Colours are certainly punchy, contrast is first-rate and viewing angles are rock-solid. When the adaptive brightness setting is allowed, details may get a touch dark, and yet at mid-to-full illumination the screen really sings. You can see in direct sunshine, as well.
The company is likewise confident to indicate that the smartphone has surprisingly slender bezels – 1.6mm, in truth – on the left and right sides of the display screen, which make perfectly sure that it’s not much too broad, for even a phablet-kind mobile phone. It is rather large in the palm, but it surely feels better to handle than some of its sizeable-screen opponents. Actually, positioned next to the Galaxy S7 – which comes with a 5.1-in display screen – the P9000 is only a little bit taller.

Like older Elephone handsets, the P9000 occurs with touchscreen gesture commands which allow you to start up apps although the screen is off.

To illustrate, doing a trace for a “C” form on the asleep display will instantly boot up the camera. These shortcuts are easy enough to keep in mind and have the potential to be genuinely valuable – given you do not use any kind of screen-locking security. Performing this signifies that even when you input the gesture, you are required to unlock your device to reach the app, what sort of defeats the objective. Still, it’s fresh yet.

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