Zentech improves expertise in board design and contract making with IDS transaction

Officers of contract manufacturing expert Zentech Assembly Inc. Windsor Mill, Md., are elevating their company’s understanding of PCB design and swift prototyping with their buying Interconnect Design Solutions (IDS) LLC in Mount Pleasant. Terms of the bargain weren’t released.

IDS targets PWB (printed wiring board) design, mechanical engineering, fast prototyping, and commitment producing. The corporation has wonderful skills in printed wiring board and mechanical engineering consulting and advice for aerospace, auto, telecommunications, and consumer electronics applications.

Zentech is an extending electronics contract assembly firm which targets on PCB assemblage, examining, and design and development solutions. The firm typically takes care of the defense, aerospace, clinical equipment, industrial controls, computing, and telecommunications fields.

Last May, Zentech obtained contract company Colonial Assembly and Design LLC in Fredericksburg, and the IDS purchasing moreover enhances its engineering services abilities.
“The acquisition of IDS, as well as the May 2015 purchase of Colonial Assembly and Design LLC and Zentech’s strong expertise, allows for marvelous engineering services ability, with quite a few Zentech design centres presently intentionally located throughout our prime Eastern Seaboard sector,” says the President and CEO Matt Turpin.